Process of the company’s heritage

Process of the company’s heritage in Bulgaria (with your personal visit in BG)

Our job is to make everything as easy for you as possible. Thanks to our all-round service, we will take on everything that is necessary for the company’s foundation in Bulgaria.

Foundation in the tax haven of Europe

Our partner law firm takes over the complete foundation of your company in Bulgaria. From the creation and translation of the necessary startup documents, through entering the commercial register and apply for the tax number, right up to the opening balance.

1. Creation of the founding documents

2. Sending to the signature and certification

3. Opening of the bank account for the insert

4. Notarial certification in Bulgaria

5. Entry in the Bulgarian Commercial Register

6. Creation of the translations of all documents

The establishment of the company in Bulgaria

A company was founded in Bulgaria very easily for you. You do not have to deal with the individual bureaucratic points and do not even have to personally arrive in Bulgaria for the foundation. We take the whole work from you and you will receive a turnkey company in Bulgaria.

Here you get an overview of the individual steps regarding the process when founding in Bulgaria. Most of this is covered by our service. The list of founding the company represents a rough representation of the individual points. Of course there is a little more behind it, but this should not affect it, because we are done by us.

We will clearly show you the points that you have to do and prepare the most possible. You then only need to sign the finished startup documents and have a signature test at the notary.

Process step by step

The following steps are necessary for a company foundation in Bulgaria. As an example of the establishment of a Ein-Personen GmbH (EOOD):

Preparations and preliminary activities

  • Using our order form, you will share the future company name and an alternative company name (in the event that the desired name has already been awarded in Bulgaria)
  • You can also use our order form to describe the company purpose or business activity of the future company in Bulgaria in a few sets.
  • For the identity confirmation, send us a copy of the ID card or passport of the future partner and managing director.
  • Preparation of the founding documents by us
  • Research on the new company name
  • Creation of the founding contract
  • Creation of the shareholder decision to appeal the managing director
  • Creation of translations
  • Signature and notification of your suburb
  • Sign the documents created by us
  • Notarial certification of the signature sample and the power of attorney
  • Company foundation in Bulgaria through us
  • Notarial certification of the signed greeting documents
  • Opening of the bank account for the trunk insert
  • Entry of the company in the Bulgarian commercial register
  • Registration according to the tax and sales tax law
  • Application for the certified commercial register extract (after entry)
  • Creation of the opening balance
  • Preparation of the founding documents

After your order to be founded in Bulgaria, we start researching whether your desired name is still available for the company. At the same time, our lawyers create the founding contract and the necessary powers for the foundation in Bulgaria without their personal appearance. In addition, a shareholder decision is set up, which appoints the future managing director. As a rule, they are self, as a founder.

After all documents have been created and checked again, they are translated and prepared as bilingual copies (DE-BG) or (EN-BG)

Signature and certification with you

The documents we created for the foundation of the company will be sent to you as PDF. They print them out and sign them. Next, the legal power of attorney and the signature test (contained in the founding documents) must be certified by a notary of your/our election. As soon as this has happened, send us the original documents back. You no longer have to do it yourself to found the company in Bulgaria.

Company foundation in Bulgaria

As soon as we have received the signed founding documents from you, we start here in Bulgaria with the actual foundation of the company.

First we open a bank account for the necessary contribution to the share capital. After establishing the company, we convert this account into an ongoing business account with Internet banking. As soon as you have transferred the basic capital to your future company account, the notarial certification will be prompted with the corresponding certification of the translations. Next, the entry in the Bulgarian commercial register and the registrations for tax and sales tax ID follows. As soon as the entries are legally binding, we apply for a certified commercial register extract and have it translated accordingly. Now we are still creating your opening barn and your newly founded company in Bulgaria is fully able to act.

You will now receive all documents from us as originals. Of course, with appropriate certified translations, so that you can submit them anywhere if necessary.

Process of the company’s heritage in Bulgaria (WITHOUT your personal visit in BG)

The registration of a company without a visit to the Republic of Bulgaria is impossible, as the banking institutions in Bulgaria refuse to open fundraising accounts for the purposes of the registration process without the presence of the founders and the managing body. Even with a power of attorney certified by a notary or consulate, banks may refuse to open a bank account. In these cases, in order to avoid this inconvenience, our office registers the company in the name of an attorney, who can then transfer it to the client on the basis of a power of attorney certified by a notary or Bulgarian consulate/embassy. In this way, our customers receive a ready-made company without having to visit Bulgaria. In this case, they could use the services of banking institutions in their countries – if they accept customers to be Bulgarian companies.

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