Foundation Services

Company foundation in Bulgaria

The all-round service for your company foundation and company management in Bulgaria, the tax paradise in Europe. Everything from a single source for your success.

A company in Bulgaria is very easy with us. It is not even necessary to start Bulgaria to start the company. Only a valid copy of your ID card or passport is required. Everything else that is needed to found the company in Bulgaria is created and arranged by us. You will receive a turnkey company (EU-GmbH), with all the necessary entries.

The company was founded very easily for you. Only the notarial certification of your personal details and your signature remains with you. This will take place in the case of a notary of your choice.

The process of starting the company in Bulgaria generally does not last longer than 5 weeks. You will then receive the complete start -up act in two languages by post. Your company is therefore fully internationally capable of action.

Our strategy

As a specialized office for the founding of the company in Bulgaria, the tax haven in Europe, we have concentrated our skills so far and optimized our processes to the extent that we can offer you the founding of the company and administrative company management in Bulgaria as a complete package at a very affordable price. The performance packages for the founding of Bulgaria concentrate on the complete implementation, but not on tax and legal advice.

All necessary services for the foundation of the company from a single source

Professional team for your all-round satisfaction

No need to get to Bulgaria

All founding documents and excerpts as certified translations

We will take care of all the necessary authorities in the future

All from a single source

As a professional service provider, we enable you to start the company in Bulgaria, with the slightest effort on your part and take care of the administrative company management. A personal appearance in Bulgaria is not necessary for all of our services.

With our founding packages, you will get the opportunity to found a company in Bulgaria completely uncomplicated. Our law firm creates everything necessary and initiated so that you will hardly have any work with it. The company is founded via a power of attorney, but in its name, but without their personal appearance in Bulgaria. The following points are taken over by us:

Examination of the availability of the company name

Creation of the founding documents in two languages (German-Bulgarian)

Opening of a bank account for the trunk insert

Notarial certification of the founding documents

Entry of the company in the Bulgarian commercial register

Application of a certified commercial register extract

Order of the company stamp necessary in Bulgaria

Conversion of the bank account into an ongoing business account

Registration according to VAT and application for EU tax ID

Creation of the opening barnance

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