Company structure

Structure for the foundation of the company

The GmbH is the most common form for startups in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, a distinction is made as to whether it is a GmbH with one or several shareholders.

EOOD – one shareholder at the GmbH

OOD – several shareholders at the GmbH

In both cases, it is a full-fledged EU GmbH. There are no differences in treatment. The EOOD/OOD largely corresponds to its rights and obligations of a German GmbH. For this reason, it is also allowed in Germany to use the addition GmbH for the EOOD/OOD.

Stem / share capital

The share capital when founding the company in Bulgaria for a GmbH was until recently 5.000 BGN (approx. 2.500 euros). However, this was reduced to 2,- BGN (approx. 1,- Euro) in order to create a counterpart to the German UG (1-euro-GmbH) and to simplify the company foundations.

Startup costs

With our founding package, you cover all costs for the company’s foundation in Bulgaria. The emergency fees will still be available as additional costs. However, this is less than 100 euros for the certification of the signature.

Bank account / company account

For the foundation of the company, we open up an deposit account for the deposit of the share capital. After the foundation, this account will be converted into an ongoing account with online banking

Managing Director

As a rule, you are also registered as the managing director as the company’s owner. However, there is also the possibility to use a trust manager. Talk to us if you would like to find out more.

Powers for the foundation of the company

The company will be founded in Bulgaria completely by us, but in your name. To do this, give us powers that we can do everything we need in Bulgaria. These attorney only serve to found and represent before the authorities. As a result, we have no decision -making about your company or access to the bank account.

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