Advantages of a company in Bulgaria

Advantages of starting a company in Bulgaria

The foundation of the company in Bulgaria naturally offers some advantages. But by far the most interesting is the extremely cheap tax rate. Bulgaria is a tax haven in Europe. Regardless of whether you are an independent, a freelancer, a small business owner or a large industrialist, everyone can benefit from this affordable tax.

10% tax burden

Low startup costs

No SCHUFA entry precheck

Stable currency

Favorable personnel costs

10% tax (flat-tax)

With only 10% income and corporation tax, Bulgaria is the country in Europe with the lowest tax rate. A company foundation in Bulgaria is almost like a tax paradise.

10% income and corporation tax

No trade tax

Only 5% withholding tax on dividend distributions

Bulgaria founding company despite negative Schufa

The German Schufa information does not use other European countries. As a result, there are no problems when founding a company in Bulgaria. Even after insolvency proceedings, you can found a company in Bulgaria and of course order as managing director. You can also easily open new bank accounts and make investments.

For them, their foundation in Bulgaria means an absolute new beginning without preload. You start here as a blank sheet with all options.

No Schufa query in Bulgaria

With a company foundation in Bulgaria, you don’t need to worry about a negative Schufa. Schufa information inquiries are not made from Bulgaria. Of course, no data is also passed on to the Schufa. Neither when founding the company nor when opening bank accounts.

No Schufa information from Germany

No transmission of data to the Schufa

Problem -free opening of bank accounts

The company was founded despite prior bankruptcy

Stable currency

The course of the Bulgarian effort (LEW) is determined by the Bulgarian law and thereby fixed the euro. 1,00 euros corresponds to 1.95583 Lewa (BGN).

No price fluctuations

Free choice for BGN or EUR bank account

Solid state finances

Favorable personnel costs

Bulgaria has currently 1.72 euros/h. by far the lowest minimum wage in the EU. The social security contributions are almost only half as high as in Germany.

lowest minimum wage in the EU

Comparably high level of education

in business weak areas reduction in tax

Personnel costs for founding in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the lowest minimum wages all over the EU are currently apply. With currently only 1.72 euros per hour, the minimum wage is almost 82% lower than in Germany. The perfect location for your foundation.

Despite the low minimum wage in Bulgaria, there is a very high level of education among the specialists. Over 70% of school leavers have a university formation.

Average labor costs in Bulgaria

The average labor costs specified here include hourly wages and non -wage costs (employer contributions to social security). As a comparison, the current labor costs per hour in Germany are 33.80 euros.

Industry: 5.10 euros / hour

Construction industry: 4.20 euros / hour

Services: 5.70 euros / hour

The social security contributions, when founding a company in Bulgaria, are a total of 17.3% of the gross content. 60% of the contributions are borne by the employer and 40% by the employee. Here, too, Bulgaria is significantly cheaper compared to Germany, with over 40% social security contributions and therefore more interesting for their foundation.

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