Bulgaria the tax haven of Europe Lowest taxes in Europe

No other country in Europe has such a low tax rate of 10% corporate tax. Bulgaria is one of the few legal tax havens in Europe. This makes the EU country Bulgaria a very attractive location for foreign companies and investors.

The simple reasons for a company in Bulgaria can also benefit from the lowest tax rate in the EU. Well more than 5,000 German companies from all economic sectors are already based and active in Bulgaria.

Simple start -up process

The foundation of a Bulgarian GmbH is quite uncomplicated. A simple written form is sufficient for most documents and documents. Only a few documents have to be notarized. For the founders and shareholders of the Bulgarian company, it is not even necessary to travel to Bulgaria.

Legal tax haven in Europe

Bulgaria is an insider tip to save legal taxes. Inconspicuous, very discreet and above all a full-fledged EU member state. The corporate profits are taxed with a flat tax of only 10%. Likewise, the compensation tax for capital gains is only 10%.

Political stability

Political stability is particularly important when choosing the country for founding a company. Bulgaria can also score very well here, because political stability is certainly given as an EU country.

Even with regard to the stability of the currency, you do not need to worry about a company foundation in Bulgaria, since the State Research (LEW) is fixed with the euro. The exchange rate is fixed at 1.95583.

EU freedom of Germany

The EU Freedom of Freedom and EU mother-daughter directive are fully used in Bulgaria as a full-fledged member of the EU. Of course, the judgments of the ECJ are also applicable. Bulgaria maintains double taxation agreements with almost all industrialized countries. Here you will find the advantages of a tax haven and that of an EU state.

Beware of mailbox companies

A decent company headquarters is decisive when it comes to assessing whether it is a sham company. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a place of business that is possible from proper business activities. For this reason, renting a fully furnished office with a corresponding rental agreement, as with us, is the optimal solution.

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