Overview of the founding

An overview of the founding of the company in Bulgaria and the EU

Bulgaria has been a full -fledged member of the EU since 2007. In Bulgaria there is the so-called flat tax. It is a uniform tax rate. German and Austrian companies and private individuals can also benefit from this. With only 10% corporate and income tax and even 5% tax on dividends, Bulgaria can be justifiably viewed as the tax haven of Europe.

As a producing company, it is possible to reduce your tax burden to almost 0% if you settle in an area with a high unemployment rate. In addition, you save with the staff, since the lowest minimum wage in the EU applies in Bulgaria, despite a very good level of education. The social security contributions are also significantly lower than in Germany or Austria.

Personnel in Bulgaria

The level of education of the Bulgarian employees is very high despite the weaker economic situation. As a foreign company in Bulgaria, you hardly have any problems to get qualified specialist staff. And at an extremely affordable price. A trained employee with several years of practical professional experience earns only 480 euros/month in the average. This alone is a company foundation in Bulgaria to be extremely worthwhile for the manufacturing industry.

Bulgaria for freelancers and self -employed

A company foundation in Bulgaria for freelancers and the self-employed in online business can be particularly interesting. Since you can easily work from home or any other place in the world, the center of life does not matter. With a Bulgarian GmbH you have the opportunity to make significantly more profit with your business.

The foundation of the company in Europe’s tax haven is also good for small entrepreneurs. Because of the very low start-up and management costs, you can easily move your part-time job to a Bulgarian company.

Invest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is still one of the developing countries in Europe. As a EU member state, a currency linked to the euro, political stability and very low public debt, this results in very good investment opportunities. Real estate prices, as an example, record values ​​of 5-10% annually.

Advantages of starting the company in Bulgaria low tax burden

Of course, one of the best advantages of starting the company in Bulgaria is the tax aspect. Due to the 10% corporate tax and 5% dividend tax, you can make significantly more out of your business. The company founding in Bulgaria gives you a liquidity advantage that you can use for your company growth.

Fast, uncomplicated foundation

Due to the uncomplicated process of founding in Bulgaria and through our service, you will receive a turnkey and EU-capable company in Bulgaria without any significant intervention and without a personal appearance in Bulgaria in just a few weeks. The Bulgarian authorities continue to simplify the processes in order to become more and more interesting as a company location of foreign companies.

Geographical location

With the perfect location between Central Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Bulgaria is the ideal urban town for companies that work in goods trade. Trading with Asia in particular offers numerous options. Both storage costs and shipping costs can be kept very low with a company in Bulgaria.

Customs regulations

As a full EU member state, there is of course free trading in the European Union.

Low personnel costs

With the lowest average wage within the EU, Bulgaria is predestined for production and deposit sites. Despite the low wages, a high level of education is shining in Bulgaria. Finding specialists in Bulgaria is no problem for most industries.

Full handling capacity within the EU

By founding the company in Bulgaria, you will receive a full -fledged EU GmbH without restrictions. Comparable to a German GmbH, you are fully able to act.

Future oriented investment opportunities

Bulgaria is an emerging country in many areas. Due to the increasing tourism and the steadily increasing number of foreign companies that open up new companies in Bulgaria, a lot of new capital flows to Bulgaria. The country is experiencing a strong economic upswing. It is the ideal time for investments, especially in real estate. Real estate prices here are more than 7% annually.

Perfect for your online business

A company Group in Bulgaria is particularly good for small business owners who work in the online business. Since you can pursue your business from anywhere, you can use a company in Bulgaria to use all the benefits given without having to restrict yourself. Bulgaria with its favorable storage and shipping options is also available for online retail.

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