Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have put together a few frequently asked questions here. You are also welcome to write to us directly if you have more specific questions about a company foundation in Bulgaria.

Who can found a Bulgarian company?

Bulgarian GmbH can be brewed by any private or legal person. The shareholders can be both domestic and foreign persons.

Why is Bulgaria considered the tax haven of Europe?

With only 10% corporation tax, Bulgaria is the country with the lowest tax rate in the EU. And also full-fledged EU member state.

Does the founder have to travel to Bulgaria?

no We take over the complete foundation of Bulgarian GmbH for you without having to travel to Bulgaria. Only the documents and attorney prepared by us have to let them be certified by a notary of your choice.

Which running costs will arise?

In an operational company, rental costs for the company headquarters and accounting costs arise (see our founding packages). The minimal statutory social security contributions (approx. 60 euros) for the managing director also also come. If you pay a salary as the managing director, then according to the wage amount.

How long does the foundation of Bulgarian GmbH take?

As a rule, we can set up society within 4-5 weeks for it and make it legally able to act.

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